Return to Coaching Pad-Work (diary entry)

third workout cover 212.04.21

My two clients who have been training with me online via video coaching are now permitted to train with me in person. I have indoors training facilities at my business that is Covid compliant and under step 2 guidelines I am permitted to hold focus mitts for the first time in ages! And so commenced this new 10 hour course on rhythm and flow combinations for stand-up fighting.

Lesson one continued where the last course left off with combination nine. This combination promotes lateral movement. It has a side-step, a weave and a slip. These movements have to be chained tightly the various strikes for maximum effect. When a fighter moves to the side they are either evading an incoming strike, creating a new angle to attack or both. These two clients share the same household and so far have only done these combinations as solo exercises and, over the past 10 hours, coaching each other on focus mitts. One is a southpaw and is recovering from a knee injury, all of which have offered new challenges that I am happy to see we have overcome together. Meanwhile, his partner is a longer term client of mine whose time training technique and combination work in lockdown for several months has grown in her fluidity.

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