Restrictive Training Webinar (diary entry)

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On Saturday I hosted a webinar to various different teachers and students across the UK and also in Ireland and Denmark. The theme was restricted solo training.

After a warm-up of callisthenics and dynamic stretching, I addressed the topic of using fight footage to inspire workouts. This is a form of reaction training where the fighter views a recording of a boxing match, chooses an opponent from the video and reacts every time he sees an opening. Boxing was chosen because hand striking dictates so much in a fight and forms a training base. We began snapping our fingers every time we saw an opening. The fight was then replayed and this time responded by making a striking gesture or hitting a target. Finally, we shadow-boxed our reactions as the fight played out. This type of training is an excellent introduction to visualisation that can be applied to shadow boxing or heavy bag workouts.

We then looked at training pre-emptive striking and discussed methods for making this more of a reaction test. It could be done with randomised recordings of clicks or beeps. Leigh Simms commented that I had just made the bleep test fun! Peter Jones suggested a flashing light might be a great way to get a visual stimulus, working off my advice that visual stimuluses are usually best. On this same topic I also advised on using recordings of attackers from real-life situations or pre-recorded conflict management situations. For the purposes of this workshop I had everyone respond when I moved over a line or make an attacking gesture.

We then we moved onto using readily available objects to help create tactical escape training areas and footwork drills. From here we added in defences against multiple attackers, working around objects to cover and strike.

I addressed the use of the solo pad and how it can be more than just a single strike target from the rear side. The focus mitt can be readily adapted for a range of strikes.

The webinar’s physical side finished with one five minute round of MMA shadow boxing using instructional cues, combat callisthenics, footwork patterns and visualisation cues.

The webinar ended with questions and answers, including ideas for future live video feeds.

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