Restricted Training & FLT (diary entry)



My two junior client’s second lesson looked at tightening up footwork and basic straight punching. One client is using the peek-a-boo guard and approach, whilst I am sticking with the high guard for the other one. Training moved along at a good pace with plenty of enthusiasm and evidence that both students have been training well.


We began mirror footwork, layering in upper body movement. We then focused on the jab, attacking, defending and countering. This was done with partners and with me. These drills incorporated correct parrying and slipping as well as varying forwards and backwards footwork. My peek-a-boo client needs to be wary about moving into a parallel stance and my high guard client needs to be wary about moving into a too side on stance. Both these stances tend to compromise balance.


We then isolated the cross and did some restrictive training to develop force in the strike. I also looked to correct defence throughout the execution of this technique.


The lesson finished with my feedback loop focus mitt training. I just covered the initial three rounds, which isolates attacks and defences and then combines them for the final round. Both clients, who are siblings, can coach this together and I was as much watching the coaching as I was the actual training.

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