Regaining the Initiative (diary entry)


The fourth hour of my client’s self-protection course brought us onto offline striking, covering and hooking. We warmed up with revision on straight rear hand striking, training the fence target familiarisation exercises and then onto the focus mitts for some incidental combination work. This was followed by obstacle removal training using the same incidental combinations.

We then turned our attention to the offline strike. This is a counter to the attempted “Judas Punch” or offline attack. The technique taught here is the rear elbow or hammer-fist strike before changing back to the straight line strikes. Because the attempted attack comes from behind the fighter is prompted physically. This moved us onto dealing with regaining the initiative. I taught the cover. This technique is discussed in depth in my book “Mordred’s Victory”.

Next we moved onto the hook, which is the reverse action to the offline strike. We trained it first from the fence and then in conjunction with an offline strike as method for dealing with two attackers. The hook was also trained in a restrictive exercise to decrease telegraphing and to increase impact.

The lesson finished with the 2 x 3 x 30 second technical/speed/power exercise for straight line strikes.

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