Regaining the Initiative (diary entry)


My two afternoon lessons on Wednesday were a continuation of my self-protection course for teenagers at Kingham Hill School. We shifted our focus onto the regaining the initiative stage. This is the first stage of reactive fighting from a hard skills perspective. Here we are beyond preemption and we have been preempted. I always make a point of stating how much this stage needs to be avoided. Whatever happens here on in, is reliant on a degree of luck. The person defending has been struck and now they need to not only recover but to come back at their attacker with greatest intensity.

I introduced the cover. We looked at its instinctive origins – it is used when there is chaos and the person defending is being overwhelmed. Then we discussed improving its structure and the rules (as outlined in my book, “Mordred’s Victory”).

First, this was trained from a code white situation – eyes closed, physical stimulation. The defender covers as they are struck and they push forward breaking out with swarming strikes before referencing and single-striking as has been trained from the first lesson. We then trained it as a circle exercise where the person in the middle defends against multiple attacks and eventually breaks to access to an exit point.

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