Recommended V – Critical Thinking in Law, Hyserical Strength Investigated and More

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Critical Thinking and Law

My attention was drawn to Michael D. Cicchini when I heard him being interviewed for the sceptical radio show and podcast “Point of Inquiry

promoting his new book on common legal myths (here is the particular show). Law is an area that should be of particular interest to self protection coaches and students. Any self protection programme should mention the laws relating to pre-emption and the use of reasonable force (in these matters I recommend Mark Dawes’s excellent book “Understanding Reasonable Force”, linked below). Cicchini’s blog is primarily concerned with American law and in no way is it intended to be a place for official advice, but it does help provide a more rational approach to understanding law. He also looks at legal issues the world over. For example, here are his views on the highly publicized Casey Heynes bully backlash incident:

Hysterical Strength Investigated

I remember first hearing anecdotes about hysterical strength when I was watching the first live action TV movie of The Incredible Hulk, starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Over time I periodically heard and read these stories about mother’s summoning superhuman strength to lift cars in order to save their trapped child and similar incidents. As I became involved in self protection training and combatives systems, I heard instructors regularly referring to these incidents. Understanding what happens to a primate’s body under stress, known colloquially as “the chemical cocktail”, is now a mainstay of the physiology of self protection education. But how much truth is there in these anecdotal stories, incidents that are virtually impossible to falsify?

Brian Dunning’s ever-brilliant regular science podcast, “Skeptoid”, provides a critical and rational look into the phenomenon. The great thing about Dunning’s podcasts is that each show has a transcript with detailed footnotes and links to his sources. This particular show provides some literary resources on maximal and absolute strength in the books “Extreme Fear” and “Science and Practice of Strength Training”, both of which have got to be books on anyone’s wishlist who has a serious interest in exploring the science behind the potential and limitations of the human body.

The Den Show

The Den Show is a new martial arts podcast presented by martial artist and radio presenter, Chris Kaye. It is a very professionally produced show and I was flattered to have been interviewed on it for two episodes, 5 and 6 On 5 I discuss the soft skills of self protection training. On 6 I discuss martial arts cross training. The show’s website is growing all the time with articles and regular features. I am impressed by Chris’s obvious passion for martial arts training and progressive education

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