Rebuilding Movement Patterns (diary entry)


Saturday morning saw my client’s return to regular training after a long layoff during the Covid-19 lockdown. Prior to lockdown we had completed 2.5 hours of submission grappling, but this will not be possible at present so we are training stand-up solo work with all necessary distancing/hygiene measures in place. This brought us to the 4 hour point of our course.

Training revolved around footwork and head movement primarily. The first half of the lesson consisted of going through step-jab and pendulum step footwork then we moved onto angling off followed by the diamond step. We also trained variations on the diamond step to encourage the peek-a-boo style switch-hitting. The pendulum step built up basic punching combination and then brought in head movement. We went through the slip/jab/slip/cross/lean back/cross/duck/jab/cross combination and then integrated into footwork. Finally, all of this was revisited through an eight timed round workout.