Re-Starting Boxing (diary entry)

boxing diary 1boxing diary 201.09.20

My regular client began a new course today and we decided to go back to Western Boxing. This was an opportunity to go back over the basics whilst layering in new material.

We began with a warm-up basic full body callisthenics appropriate to the techniques we would be covering. Then I went through basic footwork patterns – forwards, backwards, lateral and v-steps. Next we went through some head movement inspired by the peek-a-boo approach – slipping, ducking, bobbing and weaving, and pullback. These were then layered into the basic foot work. Next, I introduced some advanced footwork patterns – shuffle, diamond step and the pendulum step – and we also put in some punching combinations.

The lesson finished with four two minute rounds of virtual coaching. We did two rounds of pad-work and two rounds of sparring.

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