Putting the Pinning Drill Together (diary entry)




The second of my two junior clients’ first course on Basic Submission Grappling finished off their pin transitioning and introduced them to their first submissions.


Training began with various top position callisthenics for submission grappling such as the various crawls and also some snaking/shrimping. We then moved onto the pin transition drill. We revised side control, adjusted scarf-hold, north-south position, scarf-hold again and then the knee-pin. Here I corrected hip positioning and maintaining good weight distribution. Different sizes between this sister and brother team meant different challenges, however, base principles held.


We then moved back to side control, covering different counter tactics and the importance of this basic position when under pressure. From here we covered reverse scarf-hold and its use as a transitioning tool, where it was important to keep hold of the foot as the fighter moved into the full mount position. We then covered the knee-pin from the other side. These movement where then all strung together and each client practised moving around the body.


I then introduced the Americana and the arm-triangle from side control.

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