Punching in the Clinch (diary entry)

right hook in clinch clinch strike24.02.20


My client reached the eighth hour of her third Muay Thai/Kickboxing course on Monday night. The course has been mainly focused on punching technique. Tonight we looked at the use of punches within the clinch.


The lesson began with a light warm-up of shadow boxing, going through basic punching combinations and footwork patterns. We then moved onto the focus mitts used the teep to set up punching combinations. These combinations were then sandwiched in with kicks and knees to exit. We also spent some time setting up for body shots, making extensive use of the belly pad.


We then moved onto the clinch. First we looked at punching out of a clinch rather than using the clinch. This is a type of anti-grappling for Muay Thai and MMA. We trained three rapid mid to short range hooks whilst being held in the plum position. The punches make use of the rotational movement and pressure the forearms against the opponent’s forearms. Once the break is achieved these punches are chained with a jab/cross combination.


Next we trained using the single collar tie to set up a cross. This was followed by throwing the cross from an elbow tie. We then added a collar tie with the punching arm onto this technique, turning it into a combination where the fighter chained cross after cross with a collar and elbow tie. After this we covered a setup using the elbow tie to set up for an opposite side shovel hook to the body. This was performed using a v-step and the fighter constantly switched sides with each successive punch. We then added in knee strikes.


The lesson was finished with three rounds of three minute sparring – Boxing, Clinch and Muay Thai.

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