Punching for Confidence (diary entry)

downward cross14.04.19

Sunday morning saw the beginning of a new 10 hour basic course in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training for two junior clients. The objective of this particular course is to build confidence above all else. For this reason there will be a particular emphasis on teaching the students to better coach each other.

Training began with the basics on foot work. We moved forwards and backwards, looking at stances and fluidity. The jab was then introduced. Next the jab was paired with the footwork. I then brought in the slip. Through the passage of time I have come to the conclusion that when first learning Western Boxing head movement and footwork are the two most important habits to pick up. They tighten up positioning better and teach effective offensive/defensive habits. Outside and inside slipping was then combined with the footwork and the jabbing. Then we took all of this onto the focus mitts. After I had worked with them I had both students take it in turns coaching this information back to each other under my supervision.

The lesson finished with the inclusion of the cross and tips on home training, such as using the heavy bag and possibly setting up a makeshift slip bag.

Here are some useful links for today’s material:



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