Punching Dexterity (diary entry)

Boxing Jab jab woman02.03.20


Monday night was the penultimate lesson in my client’s third Muay Thai course. We have been mainly focusing on punching techniques. Tonight we looked at improving chaining and overall dexterity in punching combinations.


The lesson began with a warm-up of dynamic stretching, shadow boxing and sport-specific callisthenics. We then went straight onto the focus mitts to go through various different combinations. These culminated in an 11 punch combination. We then brought in the belly pad to chain on body shots to various different combinations. Then we switched to Thai pads to chain in kicks. These included setting up punching combinations with the teep and also putting in low round kicks at the end of punching combinations.


The final part of the lesson consisted of one round of Western Boxing sparring, one round of Muay Thai sparring and one round made of 6 x 30 seconds of technique, speed and power for punches.

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