Punches, Kicks, Submissions and Takedowns through Postures (diary entry)

armbar from guard5



The second lesson of the day continued my long-time client’s transitional combative applications. We continued to go over and develop drills. Training began with the deck squat base exercise and then we broke up the various connection points used for fighting through postures. Next the humble jab was used as the single technique to transition through the postures. We began with a double jab, overlapping the second jab across the postures. Then, in order to promote faster and more fluid techniques we increased the number of jabs through the postures. We then built on a basic boxing combination whilst retaining the various postures – back, butterfly guard, combat base and stand-up positions.


We then built on the round-kick to each boxing combination, allowing the kick to be the link between each posture and then using the opening jab as soon as the next posture is attained e.g. jab/cross in butterfly guard, lead leg round-kick into combat base transition, jab in combat base. This provided interesting insights into strengths and weaknesses between the postures, which is the purpose of these exercises.


Next we looked at grappling through transitioning postures. We began with an arm-bar from closed guard, this transitioned into a butterfly guard to take the back and then into a single leg takedown from combat base, standing up to complete this last technique.



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