Progressive Grappling Sparring (diary entry)



Tuesday night saw my client reach the sixth hour of his basic course in stand-up grappling. We continued work linking up grips, sweeps and takedown entries. I was keen to involve more live, resistance-based work but not at the cost of poor fundamentals. Therefore, the lesson was as follows:


Warm-up of Indian Press-ups and Squats, dynamic stretching and exercises geared towards the actions to be performed today. We then went back through all our break-fall/roll combinations at a faster pace to encourage better cardiovascular performance, but more so to encourage a more fluid relationship with falling and recovering efficiently.


We then turned our attention to grip-training and positioning. This began with bulling from the collar and elbow tie, drilling major outer reap throw entries, drilling two-on-one arm control, pummelling with the over-hook and under-hook, drilling arm-drag counters and drilling waist-lock takedown entries. From here we moved onto a round of grip-fighting sparring. This sparring was restricted only to positional control and focused on the upper body. No sweeps or throws were permitted. The purpose of this training was to ensure my client had a firm foundation in attacking and countering grips and positioning.


Next we moved onto using many of these set-ups for sweeps. We used inside and outside sweeps as well as setups for the single-leg takedown. This was then followed by a round of sparring that permitted sweeping.


The lesson finished with a drill for countering an arm-drag counter to set up for a double leg takedown and a sweep into a single leg takedown.

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