Proactive Head Movement (diary entry)

proactive head movement sparring09.07.2024

Hour five pretty much concluded my new client’s basic defensive tools in Boxing. Having added on slips, we brought in ducking and rolling. The pull-back isn’t really needed at this stage. The lesson consisted of the following 2-minute rounds plus time for advice on tactics and technique:

  1. One-for-one punching in a restricted area
  2. Attack versus defence (all defences learnt to this point with the inclusion of ducking and rolling)
  3. Ditto
  4. Attack versus defence to the body with an emphasis on proactive head movement
  5. Ditto
  6. Head shots versus body shots sparring
  7. Ditto

Proactive head movement is the use slips, ducks and rolls to do more than just evade punches. They used to change position, to feint and to drop from view. Training this way emphasises better footwork as well, especially when accessing the body.

We finished with the following burnout exercises on the focus mitts and belly pad:

2 minutes – Punches and evasions on the focus mitts with autonomous body shots

1 minute – Core strength exercises

2 minutes – Alternating speed and power punching every 20 seconds