Private Group Training (diary entry)

adults and children training in the mix19.11.2022

On Saturday I was booked to teach three children with their parents a Muay Thai session. One of the children and one father had already trained in several private lessons, and the father is an experienced nak muay. The other father, who was mainly in a supervisory role, and his two sons were new to my lessons and to Muay Thai.

The lesson allowed for group training activities and one-to-one training in the form of rounds. Operating in a group we went through jab, crosses, teeps and all the basic blocks along with linear footwork. Those who trained with me before were given opportunities to chain on round kicks, hooks, uppercuts, round kicks, pivots and circular footwork to the basic combinations being taught. Taking each student on the focus mitts for 2 x rounds per person, I was able to focus on specific areas. The lesson finished with everyone working together, being called out individually to respond to freestyle combinations and defences whilst performing circular footwork whilst waiting their turn.