Preparing for a First Level CCMA Grading (diary entry)


We focused completely on grading material for those taking their very first grade in the Clubb Chimera Martial Arts approach to self-protection and martial arts cross training. The first grading is a confirmation basic self-defence and personal security practical skills and knowledge. It is my view that a first level student of CCMA should be competent within reason and context in civilian self-protection.

 We began with the fence, practicing it from role-play and on the focus mitts. We then looked at instinctive takedowns and perfecting breakfalls. Next we covered defence from the ground. After a few rounds of kickboxing, wrestling, submission grappling and MMA we revised the Cooper Colour Code, discussing levels of awareness. We also went through the tenets of Respect, Awareness, Courage, Discipline and Open Mind.

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