Pre-Empt! Escape! Check! (diary entry)

escape pressure test05.02.20


My Wednesday lunchtime lesson continued my sixth Self-Protection course with Kingham Hill School. We continued work with pre-emptive striking, the fence, continued forward pressure and restrictive training. I also discussed the three Ps of effective Self-Defence (hard skills) training.


We warmed up by moving through postures. This would come up again later. Then we went back over target familiarisation off the fence. This progressed into tactical escape through an escape route and then a post-incident injury check. We over-lapped these strikes onto the focus mitts with the same escape drill. Extra strikes were added as I taught the behaviour of uninterrupted striking until the target is subdued allowing the tactical escape.


We then took the postures learnt at the beginning and used them as restrictive positions for striking. By isolating the strikes the students had to work hard to recruit more motor units with less available resources. When they performed the original fence to focus mitt training everyone had a marked improvement on their striking power.


The lesson finished with a pressure test whereby the students used the fence to pre-emptively strike in-coming predators and tried to make a tactical escape.

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