Pre-Cross-Training Workshop Lesson (diary entry)

low kick jamie04.02.20

My second Tuesday night lesson continued my teacher training and we looked at material for this Saturday’s closed Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training Workshop.

I began with an assessment of how fighters in this particular karate school sparred. This was so that I had a good idea of what I could add and how I would best be able to integrate the techniques I would be teaching. We decided that chaining punches with kicks, the low round kick and some work on the Thai clinch would be the choices for the class.

The lesson mainly looked at the differences between the Thai version of the round kick and the Karate style round kick. We looked at the way the Thai kick generates power by use of the torqueing motion of the upper body and driving the force from the hip. The knee does provide a slight hinging action, but it doesn’t chamber in the fashion as the karate or tae kwon do version. The shin is also the main striking weapon. The kick was only taught as a strike to the leg (targeting the sciatic or femoral nerves) and I combined it with the basic jab and jab/cross combinations. More details will be provided on the report of the actual workshop.

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