Postures in Self-Protection (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing722.10.20

My teenage client’s sixth hour in self-protection focused entirely on asymmetrical ground-fighting and the post-fight phase.

We warmed up with some simple callisthenics and dynamic stretches, directly relevant to the training we were about to undertake. This included shadowing pre-emptive strikes and covers. Then we moved into transitioning from different postures. On its own, this particular exercise is a great warm-up routine and a simple way to reinforce efficient recovery from compromised positions. Each posture transition was isolated and then the entire sequence was chained together: four postures, three transitions. Here we worked a lot on not using the hands to move to the next posture and to be proactive, shadowing strikes, grips and covers. Then we began going through movement within these postures and then I brought in kicking from compromised positions as well as tactic to regain a standing position. Multiple attackers were also brought into the session.

We finished with a discussion on the double tap. This involved going back over continuous awareness via the Three Rs/OODA Loop, which is covered in an episode of my podcast.

Below are examples taken from a seminar I gave in Denmark in 2013.

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