Post-Clinch Set-ups (diary entry)

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Monday night’s lesson was the tenth and final hour of my couple clients’ course on MMA clinch. Tonight we finished the technical side with a look at safe exiting from the clinch to set up.

We began with the collar and elbow clinch and double collar clinch (plum position). From here we broke into opportunities to deliver powerful head and body kicks. Breaking from the plum position can be a particularly good moment to deliver a head kick due to an opponent often momentarily dipping down. This usually best done when breaking from an opponent’s dominant grip. We also varied this with knee strikes and we looked different types of break. One of the most proactive ways is to move out of the clinch whilst you have a dominant position. This is performed using a “Dracula guard” long guard post. Then we moved onto the under-hook/over-hook clinch and moving into single leg takedowns or knee strikes. Finally, we brought some dirty boxing back in from the previous lessons via a set-up with the arm-drag. Here the arm-drag is used for shoulder, elbow and knee bumps followed by a more powerful strike or takedown.

The lesson finished with 6 x 2 minute rounds of specific sparring. We completed 4 x clinch versus outside boxing and 2 x MMA clinch only.


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