Position before Punching (diary entry)

footwork drills09.02.19


My two junior clients arrived at the eighth hour of their course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. They are showing a lot of great progress and have clearly been putting the work in. This was my second lesson of the day. We went over 11 punch combination, uppercuts, body shots and general positioning.


The warm up consisted of partner-work, where the two junior fighters coached each other. They began with footwork and then layered in evasions, building attributes to better position themselves during a fight. They both grasped the concept that positioning and movement was everything. The punches became the final part as new targets became apparent as they worked to stay one move ahead of their opponent.


We then began stringing together the 11 punch combination. This was broken up with extra elements added in to fully appreciate the different parts of the combination. Slipping and angling off was emphasised throughout. Then the entire combination was put together in one uninterrupted exercise to build speed and fluidity.


The uppercut was isolated and trained to ensure that neither of the two fighters was telegraphing the move. It was trained at different ranges. The squatting aspect of the punch was then carried over into delivering body shots – low jab, low hook and liver shot. We aim to look at the spleen shot in the next lesson.


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