Pivoting, Hooking, Throwing and Evading (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker



Today’s first lesson was the second in my new client’s course on Personalised Martial Arts Cross Training. Having discovered my client’s natural inclination for throwing hooks or rounded hand strikes as a basic combative instinct, we have been building on this movement through different arts.


We began with a simple torso rotational exercise using wide spread arms. Torso rotations do come under a fair amount of controversy due the pressure placed on the spine. I advise that correct form be adhered to and the student to should never add a lot of resistance to the movement whether it is performed from a standing positon or seated at an angle. When applying resistance it is worth keeping in mind that force wants to travel in a straight line so exaggerating the movement really doesn’t have any benefits. We performed the movement without any resistance and as a means for getting my client loosen up with her strikes. I introduced focus mitts and had her continue to perform the same movement with increasing force without tensing up. I then focused on her hip movement and had strike the pad with one hip, emphasising the importance of engaging the oblique muscles as the force travelled up the leg in a pivoting motion. We then reversed the action for back-swinging.


Next we began to tighten the movement up into techniques. She performed a forehand swing and a rear-hand hammer-fist and elbow strike. I then introduced a code white test, where she closed her eyes and responded to a physical prompt allowing her to strike from a relaxed state. We took the round, pivoting motion over into grappling and performed a major hip throw. We then moved back onto Western Boxing and trained hook punches following Mo Teague’s formula of technique then speed then power.  I then added on rolling (bobbing and weaving). After working this evasive move from a boxing perspective we used it in wrestling. My client worked from the clinch, ducking under her opponent’s arm to take the back and perform a rear waistlock takedown.

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