Pin Transitions & MMA Combinations Continue (diary entry)

mma takedown09.10.19

Junior Basic Submission Grappling and Senior Mixed Martial Arts were Wednesday’s second lessons.  Submission Grappling finished the pinning drill. Mixed Martial Arts revised three combinations from last week’s lesson and introduced a new one as well three rounds of pad-work followed by a round of MMA sparring.


Submission Grappling re-confirmed the pins already covered as well as strong transitioning. Then I introduced the knee-pin, reverse scarf-hold and the mounted position. We went over the importance of filling in all gaps, keeping hips low through all movement and blocking movement from all limbs.


MMA began with slipping/timing drills from boxing. We then combined the standing arm-triangle. Therefore, the fighter threw jabs and slipped jabs, timing an entry into an arm-triangle clinch. From here we brought in curved and diagonal knee strikes. This followed onto a takedown and completion of the submission on the ground. The same slip/jab entry drill was used to set up a shoulder-lock clinch. This is another setup for knee strikes and then into a takedown. From this point the fighter attacks with an arm-bar.


We then revised two combinations covered in the previous lesson: switch-kicks to set up a double-leg takedown and sprawl/failed guillotine to setup for a double-leg takedown.


The technique section finished with a shoulder-lock setup from guard using punches.


The next section consisted of 3 x 3 minute rounds of pad-work:


Round One: Boxing combinations with takedowns, teeps and knee strikes, defence against everything


Round Two: Muay Thai combinations with takedowns, teeps and knee strikes, defence against everything.


Round Three: Striking inside the guard


The lesson finished with a 5 minute round of MMA sparring.


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