Philly Shell to Cross Guard & Peek-a-Boo (diary entry)

heavy bag skype philly shell skype18.08.20

Tonight’s teacher consultancy continued our work on the Philly Shell from Western Boxing. We then looked its relationship with the cross guard and completely changed pace with the peek-a-boo guard.

We began with some shadow boxing and line-work, using the footwork to set up shots and keeping the upper body mobile with slips. This was then taken onto the heavy bag. From here we developed a combination that brought in the cross guard. The cross guard, sometime referred to as “the crab”, is used to for superior head protection. We used it to close in on an opponent before throwing hooks to the body and head. This offered me an opportunity to cover leaning on an opponent’s guard, effectively on fighting on the outside of a clinch. As with the dirty boxing we covered a little while back, it is important to control using the head an extra limb and to block with one hip whilst using the other to generate force. We then exited into the Philly Shell for its effective counter-punching adding on last week’s cross/v-step/hook combination.

The last part of the lesson served as an introduction to the peek-a-boo guard. This time was largely spent using the style’s unique slipping method. From here we began pairing up jabs and crosses before moving into the lateral slide to hook to the body.