Philly Shell and Head Movement (diary entry)

philly shell skype03.07.2024

Hour three of my client’s course on Boxing brought us onto close range defence and purposeful head movement.

We covered the material using the following games run on 2-minute rounds (with one minute rest or a lengthier interval for more advice on techniques):

  1. Jabs only sparring
  2. Attack versus defence – straight punches versus catches, parries and blocks
  3. Ditto
  4. Ditto but with the Philly shell layered into the defence for closer range attacks
  5. Ditto
  6. Straight punches versus slipping to the outside/counter-punching
  7. Ditto

Philly shell was first taught untimed as just a shoulder roll. Here the fighter deflected punches with just the shoulder and hid their jaw.

The lesson finished with a tabata-timed burnout (8 x 20 seconds with 10 second rest)

  1. Straight speed punching
  2. Power single rear hand punch
  3. Speed punching to the body
  4. Power punching to the body
  5. Speed jabs
  6. Power jabs
  7. Speed straights on the move
  8. Power straights (alternate hands)