Peek-a-Boo Revision (diary entry)

peek a boo bare knuckle 2 peek a boo bare knuckle29.09.20

Tuesday night’s first lesson saw my client focus on the peek-a-boo style of boxing. It was a good opportunity to unpick, deconstruct and rebuild form, creating stronger habits. The lesson was divided up into an outline of using pendulum footwork, angled footwork, slipping, pullbacks and ducking before isolating and combining these through six rounds, finishing on a six-part seventh round of technique/speed/power development.

The objective of the lesson was to drill moving into range using the pendulum step, slip/jab to both sides/pullback/cross/duck/jab/cross and then pendulum step out of range. This is a good tool for teaching the principles of coordinating effective footwork and punching in conjunction with evading punches.


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