Peek-a-Boo & Foreman’s Feet (diary entry)

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. htt...

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s focus on muay Thai and sparring. We began with some progressive sparring. This began with some light western boxing, followed by muay Thai. Rounds consisted of punching only, kicking only and then punching and kicking.


From this I addressed issues with defence and footwork. We looked at the peek-a-boo guard and its transition from a regular high guard, common in muay Thai and increasingly popular in western boxing. My concern was the student looking away or cowering; something my old muay Thai coach, Tony Hayes, helped me through. The peek-a-boo guard is an excellent method for getting in close to opponents with longer reaches. It is comparable to the cover and is examined in a bit more detail in my article “Take Cover!”


The footwork problem is perhaps a bit of a conflict between western boxing and muay Thai. Muay Thai has a more aggressive approach in the way it takes ground. Western boxing seems to be a bit more in-and-out. We looked at cutting off the ring, George Foreman style, and then combined it with faster movements.

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