Passing Under the Guard (diary entry)

under guard passMy client has had a two week hiatus from training due to illness and a holiday. However, I am happy to say he returned to training with the right attitude. We covered some stand-up fighting, initially starting with some basics and then moving onto the style he is currently exploring. We incorporated Western Boxing clinch fighting, looking at short angled punches whilst resting an opponent. This was built onto the whole Jack Johnson style strategy of baiting and drawing opponent onto initial strikes and then tying them up when they tried to respond. We then did a similar variation using Muay Thai tactics.

We then went the ground and dissected passing under the guard. Here we covered three exercises to reinforce the tactic of gripping around the waist and lifting up for a slam. These were:

Hugging a slam ball from a kneeling position, jumping to a stand position and then slamming the ball

Rolling with the hips forward on a Swiss ball from a kneeling position to a standing position. These work the same muscles in the same direction as a tyre flip. However, the exercise is much lighter (so it can be done with more intensity) and works a pulling motion as opposed to the pushing one required for the tyre flip.

Hugging an Atlas Stone (medium weight) from a kneeling position and standing up

We then moved onto the rear waist-lock takedown and German suplex. Both these are clinch position techniques that work the same force vectors required for the under-guard pass.

My client and I discussed setting more short-term targets for various aspects of his training. We need lifting strength, explosive strength and speed targets.