Overhand, Cobra, Superman & Bizarro Punches (diary entry)

check superman punch 3 (1)bizarro punch diary18.11.2o22 & 25.11.2022

Hour seven and hour eight of my client’s basic Mixed Martial Arts course looked at three punches thrown over the guard and one extra. The overhand punch has its origins as a fairly raw swing over the top of the guard, usually thrown with a lot of power. Like the other three punches, it is a high risk/high reward technique. We used level changes and jab slipping to set it up on a 45 degree angle, attacking the “blind side” or outside of the opponent. The cobra punch is a Muay Thai labelled technique making use of a body kick set up. Here the fighter kicks to the body and then feints a second kick to the body before using the pendulum momentum of the leg to power the rear punch. A Superman punch also uses a kick feint to set up but covers more distance.

Bizarro punch is a term coined by Hard2Hurt YouTube channel for manipulating a sudden pause in movement where the rear striking hand is set up closer than the lead before executing the punch. It gets its name by being the opposite to the Superman punch. Whereas the Superman punch uses a teep feint to hide the punch, the Bizarro just uses a cadence shift. Whereas the Superman punch uses a dramatic pullback action whilst airborne, the Bizarro puts its striking hand closer to the target.


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