Outside the Line of Fire (diary)



The second of my client’s course on Personalised Martial Arts Cross Training took us onto attacking outside the main attack line. This is usually considered to be the safest tactic to take for obvious reasons. Once again, we took advantage of the 45 degree angle.


The session began with slipping the jab to the outside. Here we discussed stepping with the counter punch (switching stance) or shifting forward. Then we looked at the overhand punch. This looping punch was a favourite of Rocky Marciano’s and has enjoyed a lot of success in MMA. After isolating the overhand by using a bob and weave movement to drop from the eye-line and attack over the shoulder, we then combined it with the slip/jab. From here we switched to Muay Thai, bringing in a low round kick instead of an overhand.


Keeping with Muay Thai we looked an offline clinch hold, trapping the arm, and the diagonal knee. This position on the arm allowed us to briefly tangent onto an elbow hyperextension from side control.  We then returned to the slip/jab set-up, combining it with the single leg takedown.


The lesson finished with an offline attack from the guard. The most obvious example of this is the oma plata shoulder lock.

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