One-Two to Clinch

clinchToday’s lesson was a continuation on from the stand-up fighting/kickboxing lesson I ran on Wednesday. This is a lesson for two members of a small group of clients who book me for private lessons. Their main objective is to achieve all-round fitness, but with an interest in learning it via martial arts. Training in these Triple C sessions is not orientated towards competition or self-protection, but this doesn’t mean the techniques aren’t functional. Although I caution all those who train with me about the by-product myth, I try to teach in a fashion that basic principles are easy to transfer over into different programmes where and when appropriate.

So, although today’s lesson was geared towards a fitness programme we all thought a technical session would help progress training in the long run. We went through the basic four kickboxing combinations and then moved onto clinch-work and knee strikes. Here I conveyed the similarity between the jab/cross or one/two motion with correctly obtaining the plumb clinch position.

Training advice

Build up movements and combinations over a series of one minute rounds.