On the Inside (diary entry)

slipping inside jab








My client’s twentieth lesson in Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training worked on the theme of attacking inside the jab and inside attacks in general. I have always considered going inside the jab to be a more dangerous than than outside the jab due to the fighting immediately going into the line of fire and it requires far tighter movement.


Using the slip to get inside the jab, we began with an uppercut/cross combination. Then we added on a lead low hook or liver shot to promote more angulation and movement. Moving onto Muay Thai we added on a round kick and I focused more on getting my client to retain a strong posture. Due to the fact that legs are much heavier and larger than arms it is instinctive for fighters to use more upper body movement when throwing a kick. This makes for slow kicking and the movement becomes telegraphed. Therefore, greater discipline is required to keep the upper body as still as possible so as not to betray the movement.


diagonal knee2






We next moved on clinching into a diagonal knee strike. This combination can also be used to demonstrate fighting on the inside. We slipped the jab with an inside necktie grip and then concluded the plumb hold with the rear hand, as in the same fashion as a fighter would throw a jab cross.


hip throw





After this we covered the major hip throw slipping the under-hook inside the jab. I would advise using a good cover first due to the lack of protection afforded going into this technique. The lead hand is used to check and control the opponent’s rear hand. This is to prevent a cross and to add support to the throw. This is a classical basic set up for the hip throw. I have to admit it is not as good as the Rising Crane variation shown in the embedded YouTube clip. Check that one out for an excellent set-up.


triangle choke






The final technique of the evening was the leg triangle choke from guard. This corresponds with attacking from the inside theme, emphasising the importance of initially going for the neck. After climbing the guard, one arm is pushed in so it goes to the outside of the attacking leg, which encircles the neck as the hips are raised. This is performed at the same as pulling the other arm. The action is completed when attacking leg, now horizontal across the back of the opponent’s neck, is “triangled” by the other leg and the fighter angles off for a pure submission.



Slip inside uppercut – YouTube featured video

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