Old Combinations, New Combinations (diary entry)



The fourth half hour junior lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training introduced the hook and some live training. We warmed up with some mirror footwork, building up slipping, ducking and weaving. Jab/cross was then revised on the focus mitts, which was then incorporated with the footwork. I then introduced the hook punch. We trained the lead hook first, paying attention to body mechanics. This was then layered onto the bobbing and weaving head movement before being added to the first two punches, making the classic three-punch combination. The lesson finished with a form of sparring.


The senior class continued off the seminar I taught on Sunday. The warm-up began with grip-fighting exercises, a form of progressive grappling sparring. We focused on disengagement, breaking grips, countering grips, pushing, countering takedowns and counter-striking. We looked at trapping from a collar tie break and bringing in a punching combination. This was performed from a neutral collar/elbow tie. The jab was trained in conjunction with a collar tie, followed by a collar tie break into an overhand punch back to a jab into an overhand and then an upper cut. The point of the drill was to punch effectively around grips. The overhand punches were performed whilst trapping the once gripping hand. The lesson finished with a round Muay Thai clinch fighting and then a round of “dirty” Western Boxing.In-fighting attack1

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