Offline Strikes & Pressure Testing at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

pressure test09.10.19


Kingham Hill School’s Self-Protection course was Wednesday’s first lesson. We shifted our focus onto direct application of force. We also covered offline strikes and an introduction to pressure testing.


Training began with a warm up of purposeful walking, taking in surroundings and identifying hazards and exits. As a circuit of the training hall was completed the class were told to immediately move to exit points. Attention was paid to posture and observation. Heart rates were raised with a light jog whereby everyone was told that new elements would be added and to continue observing. Serpentine running was introduced as was the importance of keeping one’s back to the wall when moving towards exit points. Joggers raised their hands in a protective manner. When told to change direction they covered their heads. Sprawls were introduced with knee strikes. Sideways running was brought in as was switching levels. Throughout this exercise points regarding diminishing coordination, concentration and narrowing of vision were addressed.


We moved back onto the fence pad-work. This covered having a strong fence and dealing with aggression and deception. We looked at decreasing reaction time. We looked more at increasing force against the focus mitts with special attention also being given to the coaches. Referencing was then covered followed by hunting the target. Next we covered incidental combinations and obstruction removal.


I introduced offline strikes with backward elbows and hammer-fists to different target heights.


The lesson finished with a mild pressure test. For one minute grappling attackers were pitted against striking/anti-grappling defenders.

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