New MMA Clinch Course Begins (diary entry)



Hour one of my couple client’s new course on clinching began. Their previous course was on the Muay Thai clinch. This time we are focusing on MMA, which means wrestling. The intention is to layer in MMA strikes. However, it is first important to establish some rudimentary stand-up grappling techniques.

Tonight we exclusively looked at tying up the head/neck and arms. We covered drilling the collar and elbow tie, looking at breaking posture and promoting a more fluid dynamic. This then moved into breaking collar ties and transitioning into the two-on-one arm-hold. Here we looked at arm positioning and the importance of posting with the head – “the third limb” as Karl Tanswell of the Straight Blast Gym used to say.  From here we drilled recovering the two-on-one as the opponent countered, blocking and under-hooking to regain the hold on each side. We also looked at other possible counters as well as counters to those counters.

We then finished looking at the arm-drag. I only taught this as a drill rather than the full application, which would link us to waist-locks. This will be further looked into next lesson.



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