New Boxing Course (diary entry)

Boxing Jab20.06.2024

A new client began his first private lesson course with me, having next to no previous experience in martial arts or self-protection training. A good portion of the lesson began with us further discussing exactly what service would best meet his needs. He has a strong interest in self-protection but one of his main reasons to book me in the first place was to improve overall fitness. Having trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a week, he had caught the martial arts bug and I discussed some possible routes:

  1. Self-protection – this involves a good portion of soft skills/personal security training and would probably suit him in the form of an intensive seminar than a series of lessons due to the lack of physicality.
  2. Submission grappling – this seemed like an obvious choice given to his recent, albeit brief, experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, he was keen to gain some overall combative experience and wasn’t wedded to this particular art.
  3. Kickboxing – although he expressed interest in this art it was more as a shortcut to overall MMA training. I explained that the Muay Thai I teach is quite different from Boxing.
  4. MMA – I don’t advice complete novices to begin with this art. It is better to do the main martial arts that form its foundation first.
  5. Boxing – We settled on this art as a great starting point in practical martial arts. It provides a strong foundation.

After a sport specific warm-up, we trained shoulder touch sparring, calling out lead arm shoulder touches and then did the following 2-minute rounds:

  1. body shot sparring
  2. lead hand only attack vs defence
  3. ditto