Nelsons and More Throws (diary entry)



Tonight brought my client’s 10 hour course in basic stand-up grappling for martial arts cross-training to the four and a half hour point. We trained in a limited space, so footwork was exchanged for more body conditioning. We began with a series of dynamic stretching/mobility exercises specific for wrestling, building up into calisthenics – quadruped shoulder rolls, dynamic cat-stretches, Indian press-ups, horizontal squats, dynamic hamstring stretches, Asian squat to parallel and Indian squats.


We then revised break-falls, sprawls and rolls, focusing on higher repetitions to build up specific muscular endurance. This moved onto bulling and over-hook/under-hook pummelling. From here we revised the two-on-one flow drill, arm-drag flow-drill and side head-lock flow drills. This was followed entries into throws. The arm-drag changed into a waist-lock takedown entry.  The side head-lock turned into the cross-buttocks throw entry.  This bears a passing resemblance to the major hip throw in that both are full-body throws. Differences include the entry point and the positioning of the hips on these two throws. The hip throw was the first of five new techniques introduced this lesson. This section was finished with a revision of the major outer reap throw.


Before covering the next throw we went through the complete series of nelson holds. We also covered a counter to the full-nelson.

The lesson finished with an introduction to low line takedowns. We covered a conventional double leg takedown.



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