My stand-up routine! (diary entry)


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Tonight began with the intention of focusing a bit more kicks and then into the other two ranges. I also had a nice guard sweep I wanted to cover. However, in the end most of the lesson ended up revolving around the stand-up game.

We began with a student led warm-up. Three different students took over to cover different specific exercises, covering all ranges. However, I wasn't happy with the all round performance. Perhaps it had something to do with the heat (yes, we have heating!), but I didn't like the lack of energy. So, we went straight into a heavy duty shadow boxing routine, incorprating all ranges and specific exercises. This was followed with more on the agility cones to improve footwork and explosiveness.

We then did some pad-work. This began with last week's counter-attack combination and then went into the boxing 11 punch combination. Next we moved onto a Thai combination – jab/cross/necktie/knee/cross. This was then followed by breaking from the clinch into a kick. I have often noticed that a sudden break from a clinch after a succession of knee strikes often leaves opponent's open to a head kick. Head kicks are, of course, not advised for self-defence (I can't believe I have to state these things!), but for the stand-up striking arena they certainly have a place and, if done right, come with an element of surprise. We then follwed with the jumping knee and then the "Superman" punch for fun.

The class finshed with a couple of rounds of MMA sparring and then a self-protection discussion on the change of season. With nights drawing in, awareness needs to be up a little more when people are walking home.



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