Multiple Attack & More Post-Fight (diary entry)


The seventh hour of my teenage self-protection course brought us onto the subject of in-fight multiple attackers.

We revised all the hard skills material previously covered from pre-emptive striking to recovering from the ground, including multiple attackers at the pre-emptive stage before moving onto the main area of training. Here we looked at covering and striking against multiple attacks and using tactical escape footwork to exit a situation. I was fortunate to have my client’s brother present as well as her freestanding heavy bag to help simulate some of these drills. This also included transitioning through postures.

The lesson finished with a discussion on post-fight danger assessment. Having addressed the double-tap, we now looked at scanning for injuries. I advise checking the heart region, the sides of the neck and insides of limbs for bleeding before anything else. This can be integrated into training drills.

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