Muay Thai Spotlight (diary entry)

shin block11.05.19


Saturday’s first private lesson brought my client’s course up to the seven and a half hour point. This is a tailored course focused on developing his Muay Thai/stand-up fighting and Submission Grappling separately. Every lesson up to this point has been split into these two disciplines. However, this morning’s lesson was entirely dedicated to Muay Thai advanced combinations and techniques.


We began with four rounds of progressive sparring. This sparring gradually increased in pressure was primarily used to develop timing and fluidity before we moved onto the focus mitts. I was also able to stop the fighter and go over any mistakes or highlight particularly good work.


We switched to the focus mitts to work on various combinations I introduced into the sparring. This included using posting, pushing and angling off between combinations. Cobra punch set-ups were also used as was the question-mark kick and the jump push kick.

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