Muay Thai Speed (diary entry)

extreme academy tarn thai kick25.11.19


Monday night was my client’s penultimate lesson in her second course on Muay Thai. Tonight we focused on developing primarily speed and also power in techniques.


The lesson began with simple callisthenics, including squat-teep kicks and punching-jogging. This was then followed by mirror footwork and one-for-one sparring. This was followed by kicks set up with hand techniques and then counter-attacks.


We then began a series of speed conditioning exercises. These exercises consisted of jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, lead and rear leg teeps, lead, rear and switch round-kicks, and spear knees. Each individual technique was performed over 3 x 30 reps of striking with just the extension of a limb and then with full muscle chain activation. As we were not hitting any targets at this point it was very important to ensure every technique was performing very lightly, placing no strain on the joints.


The next exercise took the strikes onto the focus mitts. Punches were thrown with the elbows pinned to the sides encouraging fasting movement with the hands. Punches and kicks were eventually tied together with fast combinations. At the end all restrictions were cast aside and single techniques were executed with full power against the targets. Finally, combinations were put together using speed and power.

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