Muay Thai Sparring (diary entry)

muay thai27.09.19


My second lesson on Saturday completed the eighth hour of my two junior client’s course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We focused on sparring and better combination work.


The lesson began with a callisthenic warm up and then moved onto a series of rounds on the focus mitts. After looking at specific areas for improvement off both clients we moved onto their first experience sparring in Muay Thai. This consisted of 6 x 3 minute rounds (3 each). Muay Thai sparring works at a far closer range than Western Boxing. Both clients worked a lot on retaining balance and seamlessly transitioning through the “eight limbs” of Muay Thai. They also transitioned to and from the clinch range. By taking time out between rounds each of the two clients could critique and help one another. This will also help inform their training between lessons.

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