Muay Thai Southpaw (diary entry)

low-kick muay thai27.07.19


This Saturday was my client’s penultimate lesson in his special course on Stand-up Fighting. We continued our work on the southpaw, this time from a Muay Thai perspective.


We began training on the agility ladders and cones, going through various drills that will be covered in tomorrow’s workshop. This included chopping steps forwards, backwards, lateral and angling on the ladders, in and out ring movement, L-step and V-step on the cones.


Then we revised last week’s boxing work from southpaw. This included the up-jab, the jabbing cross and the lean back. The lean back segued in nicely to the first Muay Thai southpaw tactic. The positioning of the foot on the outside of an opponent’s leading foot allows for some effective angle shots. Not does the up-jab come into play, but it also works great with an overhand jab. From here we leant back from the inevitable reprisal, using the shoulder roll. Next the fighter fires back with another overhand jab and also a mid-section round kick. We then added on a lead leg teep to effectively exit.


The follow up combination led with the legs. Here the southpaw feigns with a teep by lifting their knee. From here we used a pawing jabbing cross whilst setting up for a rear leg round kick. Next we began combining aspects from both combinations making extensive use of the new belly pad.


The lesson finished with a round of Western Boxing and a round of Muay Thai.

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