Muay Thai Motivation (diary entry)

Sarka image103.04.2023

My client’s third hour of her third course Muay Thai addressed training mindset and overcoming “bad” days. We did some technical work on the switch-kick shuffle using the agility ladder but mainly trained through rounds. Some days motivation can be low. There might be a variety of reasons from training burnout to general tiredness to current nutrition to other contributory factors. Some days, you feel physically fine but your focus feels off. My view is that in most cases it is better to train than to not train, as you reinforce the regular habit and discipline that forges a strong fighting mindset. However, how you train is important. Sometimes these “bad” day training sessions – and they vary widely – just need to be going at a coursing speed. The primary goal is to complete the session. The secondary goal is to not reinforce any bad habits. Therefore, what we are looking at a maintenance level training period.

During the final round I brought in better setups for the kick-catch/spinning elbow combination – a favourite of this particular client – and a counter to a kick-catch. Although I had decided to keep everything as basic as possible and not to bring in another new, these two exceptions raised her spirits and the lesson finished well.


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