Muay Thai & MMA (diary entry)

knee (smaller)19.12.18

Tonight my junior client continued work on stance and footwork whilst incorporating the hook into his Muay Thai whilst my senior client went through the ranges of MMA.

My junior client warmed up with mirror footwork and I looked at retaining balance whilst throwing the basic combinations. The basic combination build-ups consisted of jab/round kick and jab/cross/round kick. I also kept my client on his toes, checking for balance and the ability to keep moving as well as checking his guard. Shin-checks were also brought in. I also spent some time looking at the correct way to use the hips when throwing teeps. My client’s round kicks have improved a lot since his previous lesson. The hook was brought in and I introduced the stepping hooking. This was built into the final two basic combinations – jab/cross/hook/round kick and jab/cross/hook/cross/round kick. The lesson finished with work on horizontal elbows and spear knees.

The senior lesson began with a series of warm-up exercises that took us through all the ranges. These were all done in a build-up fashion. Then we moved onto six rounds of sparring:

2 x 3 minutes Western Boxing
2 x 3 minutes Muay Thai
2 x 5 minutes Grappling (stand-up and submission)

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