Muay Thai Kicking Fundamentals Continues (diary entry)

JAMIE KICK12.02.19


Tonight my client reached the second hour his 10 hour course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Part of his course includes improving all round flexibility. Our warm consisted of several ballistic exercises and hip-opening movements. I did my best to work in some time management technique relevance. Standing leg raises were done off a Muay Thai stance and guard. Squats were done whilst throwing punches. I also included the wrestling exercise of Indian press-ups, which are great for stretching and engaging relevant muscle groups.


We then moved onto mirror footwork, throwing and defending punches as well as working the teep. I remarked on how the teep should be considered Muay Thai’s jab. It is the art’s longest range weapon and sets up a lot techniques, is a good defensive tool and great for creating space to conserve energy.


This was then followed by focus mitt work, which made up the rest of the lesson. We put the punches and kicks onto the pads, linking every punching combination with a kick. Elbow covers, Dracula guard and shin-checks were all revised from the previous lesson. I covered attacks and counter-attacks, using shin-checks to set up rear leg round kicks, lead leg teeps and the cross. We went over the use of the arms in Thai that relied upon a lot to create momentum throughout the execution of most techniques. I also introduced the lead leg round kick and the switch-kick as tonight’s new techiques.


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