Muay Thai for All the Family (diary entry)

pad holding17.10.21

Sunday morning saw the completion of my client’s 10-hour course with an hour each for him and his family.

Lesson 1 – Senior Muay Thai – We looked more into chaining kicks together, developing defence and introducing the upper cut and the switch-kick. We first trained using a Dutch style exchange drill and then took it onto the focus mitts.

Lesson 2 – Junior Muay Thai – I taught a new student teeps and we worked on better establishing posture. This is vital. Even with students who can execute techniques well, it means little if they don’t have a strong stable stance or can move effectively. Integrity of stance is tested by a fighter’s ability to retain the exact same position at the end of an executed position they had at the beginning. Movement errors include clipping heels together and crossing legs when moving.

Lesson 3 – Junior Muay Thai – This time I taught two returning clients. After a warm-up and took them for eight two minute rounds between them, first focusing on boxing and then on Muay Thai. Then they each had a three minute round of 6 x 30 seconds technique/speed/power.


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