Muay Thai Dumps, Sweeps & Clinch Counters (diary entry)

highline clinchclincharm triangle clinch











And so the Muay Thai clinch training, teaching and researching continues with my second client in a row who is exploring this area. After some specific clinch conditioning, we looked at a counter to a knee strike from the clinch. This involves using the hip to block and then pivoting away from the strike. This provides an over-rotation for the striker who is then dumped on the ground. Next we looked at using a cross-face to defend against a tight legal headlock. From this position we looked at additional striking and sweeping options. We then covered the counter to the cross-face.

I then used the circular training method as outlined in the previous lesson. The techniques covered were put under pressure using the same 5 x 3 minute round sparring method. This fed into a lesson on entering and exiting the clinch. We finished with some static stretching to warm-down.




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