Muay Thai Clinch Focus (diary entry)

clinch sweep15.03.2023

It looks like there is going to be something of a deep dive into the unique aspects of Muay Thai clinch with some of my clients. I begin the journey with my Wednesday night client, my oldest consistent student. Tonight we trained for 1.5 hours. The lesson began with a series of clinch-specific partner conditioning drills building into technique training drills. This started with working neck-ties against resistance, followed by collar and elbow-ties against resistance, before we moved onto posture breaking. The posture breaking involved stepping off at an angle. We then layered in appropriate knee-bumps, sweeps and knee strikes.

The lesson then moved into 5 x 3 minute rounds of clinch-specific free-sparring.

Round 1 – Muay Thai clinch-only (no strikes)

Round 2 – Ditto

Round 3 – Muay Thai clinch-only with strikes

Round 4 – Muay Thai clinch-only with strikes

Round 5 – Free-sparring with an emphasis on working the clinch

We finished the class some static and PNF stretching.